Luxury Handbag Style Tips

Now just face it you have to have more than one style of handbag.

So one of the styles you need is a clutch for times you don’t need a big purse or for times you are  carrying you are caring a shopping bag full of things you need and you need a small purse to carry your essential personal items.

Clutch’s come in a variety of styles. oh, and also sizes, and colors so when you are selecting one for basic use vs a evening bag you would look for a practical bag that goes well with more than just one outfit.

You will find that a clutch can be roomier than they appear on the outside and it can amaze you how much stuff you can get inside of the clutch.

You should check out this Gucci clutch bag as a possible option for the bag you are looking for.

What are you looking for in a purse? A purse has many different purposes, so a purse different meaning to different people. Are you looking for style, need to carry thing you can’t be without, or are you going to a special occasion?

So different occasion and purposes require different styles of purses or bags.

An evening clutch is a small or medium bag that is carried under the arm without any kind of a handle which could be risky if you can’t keep a hold of it.

Well you could add a removable strap or chain handle to you clutch more safely, and you will still have the style, a place to carry important things, and still look great for your special occasion. By adding a long handle your clutch is safer and easier to carry.

When you are thinking about what type of bag you are going to get for your next one you should decide what qualities will be necessary to meet your needs.

For starters will a small bag work for you or do you need a larger bag to carry more items with you.

For small bags there is the clutch which can be an evening bag or for some who like to travel light it could be an everyday bag also.

For those who need more space there are a number of styles of bags that have extra space to hold your needed items or purchases.  Some of the styles that larger bags come in are tote, messenger, shopper, and hobo.

You might consider a Hobo Bag as a possible style for your large bag purchase.

A hobo is a large slouchy bag named for the cloth on a stick that hobo travelers used to carry their possessions in when they were traveling the rails. Hobo’s can be made as a fashionable bag in current times one that you would be an asset to your collection of bags.   Note the bag shown in this Blog entry is Black Gucci Abbey Hobo GG Jacquard which is in the online catalog at

Have you been wishing that you could purchase a designer purse? I know that having a designer bags is quite a status symbol and wish for a number of women. A designer bag is made of quality material and is certified authentic and should last for a long time. 

So how can you lose with a designer bag? 

Well maybe you’re a little short on the money you need to make the purchase $200 to $2000 or you might be concerned about carrying a purse worth that much around and getting it stolen.

So, here is an idea that you might try that could save you some money and still get you a quality purse that has the look of a designer purse.

You might checkout designer inspired purses they cost from $50-$200 so that would put some serious cash back in your pocket

If you like bling and color to add to your overall look you might consider getting a colorful handbag that is accented with the bling of rhinestones, you might check out the western style.

You might check out the western style of the Western Rhinestone Cross Concealed Carry Wallet-Wristlet Set. It is embellished with a rhinestone cross plus other embellishment. Included in this handbag set is a matching wallet-wristlet. Click here for more info!

This bag is a concealed carry weapon bag for women. It could be just the bag you are looking for.