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Still remember what I have said in the last review about a pair of Rosa sandals featuring military chic?

I have just explored back to the denim delight collection. Look what I have discovered here—the LV Daisy Half Boot which is a pink sweet version of the classic monogram denim. By the way, if your guys are lucky enough, you might have the chance to the vivid green version of this pair of half boot.

It might be the case that you won’t love either one of the boot, but at least you should knew what great master like Karl is doing this season.

Yes, he got some hot people walking the circle cat way with his genius designs, whether you agree with his design inspiration or not. It is already labeled as star accessory of LV Spring Summer 2010 shoe, and it is claimed to be fashion-forward in bright color.

This pair of LV half boot is made of iconic monogram denim that lined with soft sheepskin.

The shoe is exaggeratedly decorated with goat’s wool tufts. It is dramatic with the swinging calf leather tassel and the rustic fur.

Let to mention its outlook, it still makes a comfortable boot. The 1inch heel is just modest enough for walking. The hand-finished wooden structure, the rubber sole and the padded half-insock are all for enhanced comfortable wearing. Anyhow, I am afraid the price tag won’t look too nice—1,380.00 sterling pounds. 

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When Marc Jacobs falls in love with Lorenzo Martone, what will happen to Louis Vuitton? Incredible fantasies! I bet you had appreciated its fashion show in Paris last Wednesday, a gorgeous feast of opulent dresses, chic suits, splendid shoes, exquisite jewelry and fabulous handbags.

If you cannot like some celebrities carrying these stunners straight off the runway, there are still other options for you, addicts, such as Sunrise bag in its official website.

I know this bag is in the Pre-collection Fall/Winter 2009, yet the vivid shades of the Monogram Denim accentuated by the sumptuous natural cowhide leather trimmings just bring some spice and pizzazz amongst your bags.

The blue and orange palette could update your collection with a new phase- a special, personal and feminine phase.

It will absolutely offers up an immediate burst of energy into the wardrobe. I bet you would love it just like Victoria Beckham, who could not wait for its releasing and splurged the orange one few days ago.

This Louis Vuitton Sunrise is sized at 17.3″ x 14.1″ x 10.6″ of an ultra-urban hands-free carry. Featuring golden and colored metallic pieces just like the shades of sunrise. An interior flat pocket totally responds to casual motif and lined in soft microfiber.

It is created using exclusive denim bleaching technique to achieve dreamy sense with a bang. Regarding to its price, I suppose $2,640 is not so unreasonable and in your budget. If you are hesitant by the hefty price tags on authentic Louis Vuitton Handbag, a cheap Replica Louis Vuitton Handbag is a great alternative.

It is interesting that the grand fashion brand Louis Vuitton actually get a lot of  inspiration from Japan.

Not to mention the cooperation between LV and Comme 10.03.18-Spring-LV Daisy Closed-toe Mule in Pony-styled Calf Leatherdes Garcons, this Japanese sandal styled closed-toe mule should tell you how it is inspired by Japanese culture. Although the traditional wooden clog is heavy and unwieldy, it brings a casual feeling when accented with metallic accessories and rustic tufts of fur.

This LV Closed-toe Mule was firstly seen on LV’s Spring Summer 2010 runway.

The shoe is made of high quality pony-styled calf leather that is very supple and endurable. It features padded half-sock and rubber sole for enhanced comfort.

The hand-finished wooden structure brings an old-time flair to the chic mule. Perhaps you would like the metallic studs and buckle trimming but hate the goat’s wool tufts. It is understandable, only that such dilemma exists in real life.

You have to accept it together with the chic 1 inch heel.  Why not get yourself with a Replica LV Bag at a low price?

Do you remember the Louis Vuttion Monogram Multicolore Chrissie which I introduced several months ago? If you love it, now it is available in Louis Vuitton stores.

Chrissie is a dazzling bag with a rock star attitude, the newest member of the Multicolore family. Following Courtney’s design aesthetic, Chrissie is bejeweled with brilliant golden brass studs in its corners, flap, and even in its clochette! Its a plenitude of rich and resonating colors, edgy studs and  spacious interior, Chrissie completes your rock chic look.

Multicolore Chrissie features natural cowhide leather trimmings and  adjustable leather strap, a squeeze-to-open clasp, a zip and flap opening and two exterior pockets.

Inside, the bag is lined with soft microfibre lining, and has two flat pockets.

As for its name, I have a feeling that its named after American rockstar and singer/songwriter Chrissie Hynde, leader of the rock/new wave band The Pretenders.

Monogram Multicolore Chrissie comes in two colors, Black and White, and measures 15.1″ x 6.6″ x 15.4″. Its exclusively available at Louis Vuitton stores for US$2720.

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